PROACTIVE Pittsburgh Women
Respect. Reform. Reunite

Respect. Reform. Reunite.

We are a grassroots group of Pittsburgh women on a mission to enact change on issues that matter and to hold our government representatives accountable.


Our Wins!

We didn't get EVERYTHING we wanted but we DID GET:

Casey, Wolf/Fetterman, Lamb, Williams & a flipped House!
Congratulations to the winners and to us!  We worked hard these last two years to make a difference and we did!

Also worth noting (from member Ruth Quint):
**Moms Demand Action says that we now have a “Gun Sense Majority” in the house!  This will pave the way for stronger gun laws.

**Of all the candidates we actively supported, Lindsey Williams won, and the others lost.  Disappointing, but overall the state senate went from 17D/33R to 22D/28R, and the state assembly went from 82D/121R to 92D/111R, so significant improvement, but as expected, the Republicans remain gerrymandered firmly in place.

**It's hugely good news that our governor had such a strong win, and also governors in other "Blue Wall" states (Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana) that went for Trump. The reason this is important is that the governor races go on total popular vote in the state like the presidential race, whereas the legislative results are strongly skewed by gerrymandering (and also legitimate districting issues -- D votes are concentrated near the cities no matter how well the lines are drawn.) Anyway, the results are positive for the state swinging D again in the 2020 presidential race.


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Respect. Reform. Reunite.